Danfojs: powerful javascript data analysis toolkit

https://github.com/javascriptdata/danfojs Danfo.js is a javascript package that provides fast, flexible, and expressive data structures designed to make working with “relational” or “labeled” data both easy and intuitive. It is heavily inspired by Pandas library, and provides a similar API. This means that users familiar with Pandas, can easily pick up danfo.js.


https://github.com/supertokens SuperTokens is an open source authentication solution offering features like: Different types of login: Email / password, Passwordless (OTP or Magic link based), Social / OAuth 2.0 etc… Access control Session management User management Self hosted / managed cloud


https://github.com/BuilderIO/partytown Partytown is a lazy-loaded library to help relocate resource intensive scripts into a web worker, and off of the main thread. Its goal is to help speed up sites by dedicating the main thread to your code, and offloading third-party scripts to a web worker. The philosophy is that Leggi tutto…


A powerful and lightweight inversion of control container for JavaScript & Node.js apps powered by TypeScript. https://inversify.io https://dev.to/msplatam/how-to-use-inversifyjs-and-utils-with-nodejs-typescript-2pn http://blog.wolksoftware.com/introducing-inversifyjs https://itnext.io/typescript-dependency-injection-setting-up-inversifyjs-ioc-for-a-ts-project-f25d48799d70 https://medium.com/tkssharma/dependency-injection-setting-up-inversifyjs-ioc-for-typescript-apps-da65edfb1ea8