Playwright enables reliable end-to-end testing for modern web apps. Any browser • Any platform • One API Cross-browser. Playwright supports all modern rendering engines including Chromium, WebKit, and Firefox. Cross-platform. Test on Windows, Linux, and macOS, locally or on CI, headless or headed. Cross-language. Use the Playwright API in TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, .NET, Java. Test Mobile Web. Native mobile emulation Leggi tutto…

Patroni cluster Patroni is a template for you to create your own customized, high-availability solution using Python and – for maximum accessibility – a distributed configuration store like ZooKeeper, etcd, Consul or Kubernetes. Database engineers, DBAs, DevOps engineers, and SREs who are looking to quickly deploy HA PostgreSQL in the datacenter-or anywhere else-will hopefully find it Leggi tutto…


OpenAI today open-sourced Whisper, an automatic speech recognition system that the company claims enables “robust” transcription in multiple languages as well as translation from those languages into English. OpenAI open-sources Whisper, a multilingual speech recognition system


A showstopper is an unforeseen issue that prevents a product from being released on time. For example, a company may plan on releasing an update, then discover that a new aspect of the project would be detrimental to users. In this case, developers would need to delay or cancel the update.