ML/AI – Precision and recall Population:– 12 dogs– 10 catsModel results: 8– 5 dogs (true positive)– 3 cats (false positive)– 7 dogs missed (false positives)– 7 cats excluded (false negatives) Precision: 5/8 (true positives / selected elements)Recall: 5/12 (true positives / relevant elements).


OpenAI today open-sourced Whisper, an automatic speech recognition system that the company claims enables “robust” transcription in multiple languages as well as translation from those languages into English. OpenAI open-sources Whisper, a multilingual speech recognition system Aligning AI systemswith human intent OpenAI’s mission is to ensure that artificial intelligence benefits all of humanity. An important part of this effort is training AI systems to do what humans want.


Machine Learning in your database Integrate MindsDB and make predictions on top of the data in your existing database using SQL queries, eliminating costly replication and simplifying your application infrastructure.